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Get Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Meet and more for business

Beyond Gmail, these are the standard apps that come with G Suite:
Calendar: because Calendar manages multiple calendars so well, it’s my go-to tool for blocking out time for projects
Docs: G Suite’s word processor
Sheets: a spreadsheet
Slides: a basic presentation package
Keep: a great, little note-taking tool
Sites: a website builder
Forms: a tool for building quick, but surprisingly powerful forms
Hangouts: a chat tool sort of like Slack
Hangouts Meet: hangouts video conferencing

About G Suite

A suite of collaboration products for teams and small businesses. Web conferencing, file sharing, and scheduling in the cloud.

Why would you pay for G Suite when Google's apps are free?

Most folks know that Gmail and the various Google apps like Docs and Sheets are available for free. Why then would anyone pay for them in the form of G Suite?
G Suite is designed to provide a variety of business-oriented functions and capabilities. here’s a quick summary of why you might want to buy a G Suite subscription rather than using Google’s consumer versions of its apps:

⦁ G Suite provides user management and admin features across multiple users.
⦁ G Suite adds some very interesting secure and private collaboration features.
⦁ G Suite lets you increase your storage considerably.
⦁ G Suite provides various levels of auditing and business eDiscovery.
⦁ G Suite gives you the ability to use your own email domain.
⦁ G Suite lets you dial a number and get an actual, useful, human support person.

G Suite pricing is clear and understandable

G Suite has Three plans: Here’s a quick summary:

G Suite is online and requires no installation

G Suite is what we geeks call a SaaS app, for Software as a Service. You subscribe to G Suite, rather than buy it. Unlike old-school installable software like the core Office apps, you don’t install G Suite on your computer. Instead, you simply login to your G Suite account (much like you’d log into Gmail).

There are some mobile apps you can install on your phone, and there is an offline mode, so you can work on projects in G Suite without being connected to the internet. That’s helpful if you travel.

G Suite Gmail, Calendar and your own email domain

One of the benefits of G Suite is it allows you to set up your own, personal domain as your mail server. That means that you can have email addresses with addresses more unique than yourname123@gmail.com. Instead, you can get and send mail as yourname@yourcompany.com.

Now, consumer gmail allows you to receive and send mail from a personalized domain as well. The difference is that to do so (especially to send), you need another email server that hosts that domain. G Suite handles the hosting of the domain, which reduces complications tremendously.