PowerPoint 2013 Advanced Instructional Document & Activity Pack

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Workshop Objectives:

    • Create Presentations from scratch or templates
    • Insert and format slides, handouts and notes
    • Change Presentation views and configurations
    • Insert and work with text, pictures, audio and video
    • Work with tables, charts, and SmartArt
    • Use transitions and animations
    • Prepare for a presentation, including the slide size, narration, and timing
    • Manage multiple presentations


PowerPoint 2013 Advanced Workshop

You will learn how to use the improved features of PowerPoint 2013. This workshop is designed to get into the advanced features of PowerPoint 2013. Participants will be shown a practical way of learning with a hands-on and customizable approach. They will get a chance to experience some of the new features that are offered in PowerPoint 2013.

PowerPoint 2013 is the world’s premier presentation software. With PowerPoint 2013 you are provided a new landing screen which makes launching and creating documents easier than previous versions. There is also an improved Presentation View which gives your presentations that extra focus. PowerPoint 2013 also has an improved user interface with an array of powerful tools to help you share your presentations through Skydrive!

Workshop Objectives:

  • Work with shapes, text boxes, and pictures
  • Use SmartArt
  • Use alignment guides, object order, and other advanced drawing tasks
  • Use tables
  • Work with audio and video
  • Use PowerPoint’s research tools
  • Use presenter view and notes
  • Use slide masters to create consistent slide elements
  • Perform additional types of presentation delivery


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